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Thu 28 Apr 2011, 10:29 AM by Mildred compiler release

I need recent versions of Lisaac for my project … as a consequence, I’ll probably make releases of Lisaac. Currently, I have released three versions:

  • mildred-r1: A recent version of the compiler without debug messages and with interesting new features. Known problem: crash when the compiler is compiled with gcc optimizations.

  • mildred-r2: Same version with -O1 in the Makefile

  • mildred-r3: I tracked the optimization that causes the bug and disabled it everywhere.

Additionnally, I’ll release the mildred-stable branch which contains the most recent version ofthe compiler I consider stable enough for use.

Next articles to come:

  • detect possible call on NULL crashes at compile time
  • code coverage in Lisaac (I’m already using it)