Installing Lisaac

First you need to download Lisaac and uncompress it in a directory. You mustn't move this directory once you've installed Lisaac.

Automatic installation

Note: this may not work with git snapshots. You may have to install manually.

Once you've downloaded Lisaac and uncompressed it, just open a terminal in the directory you've uncompressed Lisaac and type


This will start the installer. If you prefer to install Lisaac manually in your home directory, please follow the next section.

Manual installation in your user directory.

You need to build the Lisaac binaries from the generated C files:

make bin/lisaac
make bin/shorter

Then, you'll need to construct make.lip if it doesn't exists:

make make.lip

Then, you must add the bin directory to your PATH. Just add to your shell rc file (~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc or whatever) the following line

export PATH="/bin:$PATH"