Lisaac Downloads

Official Releases

These releases are made by the Lisaac Team. That means generally BenoƮt Sonntag. These releases are infrequent, generally one per year at most.

See official release page

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Mildred's Releases

These releases includes more recent code, but is less tested. In particular, it probably won't work on Windows unless you use cygwin. These are more personal releases that include recent code. But unlike the git master branch that sometimes don't compile or don't bootstrap, this should be a usable compiler.

These links leads to the gitweb service. You can either use the git client or use the snapshot feature of gitweb.

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I tracked the optimization that causes the bug and disabled it everywhere. (snapshot)
Same version with -O1 in the Makefile (snapshot)
A recent version of the compiler without debug messages and with interesting new features. Known problem: crash when the compiler is compiled with gcc optimizations. (snapshot)